After a long day at work or school or everyday errands aren’t you just waiting to get home? Nothing beats the feeling of getting into a house which is styled to fit your own personal taste. When styling the different areas in your home (bathroom, bedroom, sitting, room kitchen) you can have different themes for each, but a few things remain standard.

The best part about it is that, you don’t have to spend much, you could start with the essentials which you probably already have and these are what we want to highlight today.

Separating items you don’t need

Somehow many of us have the habit of holding on to items, including those we don’t need, making us hoarders. Hoarding is the act of stacking items in large amounts even though they are not in use. The most common example is clothes. Therefore, a great start would be to separate clothes or items you use frequently from those you haven’t used in over a year.

Choose to either give them to charity or hand them down to either friends or family that would fit into them. Of course, there are those sentimental items which are for keeps, those if possible should be stored away from active space.

Basket Organizers

An organizer works magic. This goes from your room where you can get little baskets to separate items on your dressing table. For the sitting room, you can use cabinets or a shelf to separate books from electronics and picture frames. In the bathroom, you could use a curtain to separate the toilet from the shower and have a basket for an puyting in the fresh towels.

Fold clothes to a tiny size

In the bedroom, it helps to fold clothes to a very small size, if possible, roll them up. This will help save on space and you are able to separate jeans and t-shirts and sweaters and dresses. See very interesting tutorial by award-winning Marie Kondo on how to fold clothes here 

Space and Lighting

Space allows more light and fresh air in a room. Whatever you do, ensure your rooms are not cluttered. It helps to ensure that only things used daily are within reach. Like if there is an old DVD player or radio which you never use, store it away. With lighting, it helps to have really big windows, but in case you don’t, have the room painted in bright colours like white which reflects light. Good space and lighting gives an illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is.




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