A little bit about my style: minimalistic, with great love for nudes, browns and earthy tones – the whole nine yards (from nail polish, to shoes and sofas to curtains). They are beautiful, simple and can work for anyone; and no it’s not limiting, there are actually countless shades of nude available. A room full of earthy – toned walls and curtains can be well complemented with handmade pieces such as baskets, whether in browns, greys, blacks or the multicoloured ones.

Growing up, I only remember baskets being used for either storing laundry or as a shopping bag, popularly known as kiondoo which was a necessity for the weekly market day (which I remember was Tuesday for Kongowea Market). Baskets are now used for so many different things and have become an essential element for any homeowner looking to have a warm and inviting interior. 

Pinterest and Instagram have also been a good source of inspiration – therapeutic to say the least – when it comes to placement of these gorgeous pieces. So I decided to share some lovely ways to style these baskets, where I got them and their prices. 

  • Childrens’ toys

For the mum who is tired of seeing here child’s toys scattered all over the floor, this is for you. Isn’t it amazing how this basket can serve a double purpose? It looks bonny in your favourite corner but also plays the important role of storage.

Toy basket

  • Sofa throws

For the cold days and movie nights, you could have dedicated quilts for the sitting room which you can store in the basket. A little tip I discovered is to throw in a mild air-freshener or a bottle of your almost-finished perfume into the basket so your covers can smell of your favourite scent every time you take them out to use.

  • Plants

Indoor plants can be used for aesthetics but a good number of them actually help with purifying the air in a room. No matter your reason for having plants, you could take it a notch higher and make them look even better by placing the plant in a basket, together with its pot or bucket. 

Plant/flower basket

  • Laundry storage

What better place to store freshly laundered clothes? I know someone who does this and eventually forgets to fold the clothes and they just become ‘pick and wear’, but we’re not pointing fingers are we? Alternatively, it could be used as a dirty-clothes basket. 

  • Fresh towels

Someone tell me one thing that’s better than fresh, sun-dried, fluffy, powdery-scented towels; I’ll be waiting. Fresh towels which are not properly stored can easily lose their ‘freshness’ so a good way to store them (whether in the bedroom or bathroom cabinet) is to fold and put them in a basket. Again, don’t forget to throw in your favourite powdery-scented chip.

Towel storage basket

  • Vegetable/fruits shopping 

Remember my little story at the beginning? We just couldn’t leave this one out. The kiondoos raised some of us and are our constant reminder of the importance of market days in relation to getting those greens in. They are available in different sizes for your preference and are easy and comfortable to carry.

Fruit/vegetable basket

Any additional ways you like to use baskets for storage and decor at home, please share with us on the comment section, we love to hear from you 🙂

Some of the featured baskets are available along: Redhill Road, Nairobi. Price range between Kes 1,200/- to 2,000/- (Send us a direct message if interested in the owner’s contact).

Happy shopping!

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