Celebrating: 6 months of sharonsnotebook.com I love the quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Look for small victories and build on that’ so yes, building on this!

Also celebrating childhood memories: Every year, our mum would take us to watch a show at MPC (Mombasa Pentecostal Church) called Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s flames. It was a show about Doom’s Day and the directors painted a very real picture of the events that would take place on that day according to the book of Revelations in the Bible. So I just learnt it was showing last month at CITAM Church Nairobi and I’m so amazed that it’s still showing almost 20 years later!

Watching: Obama’s message to Michelle, on their 25th wedding anniversary celebration day before yesterday, it was the sweetest message ever, see it here. Obama is one man who managed to charm almost the whole world, but he couldn’t have done it without Michelle right? Meanwhile, I miss Game of Thrones so much.

Listening to: Pastor Steven Furtick – very anointed Man of the Cloth who is a really good teacher and has such a great sense of humour. He has a way of linking the word to the world in a very thorough manner. Yesterday he talked about ‘Custom-designed Grace’ – how we each have particular God-given Grace to prosper exactly where we are, if that’s your place, that’s your Grace!

Visiting: A new place every month with lovely friends, life is short and we may as well enjoy growing older. Having said that, there are so many restaurants and hotels coming up in urban Nairobi, so many of these places have some good offers in order to match their competition.

Loving: This time of year. I’m such a Christmas girl, I love everything about the season. Years ago it was a very big deal to everyone, nowadays not so much but I choose to remain in the past on this one. We’re still in October but the jingle bells aren’t too far away. Hillsong has some new Christmas music over here

(Still) Dreaming of: Living my life to the fullest 100%, as well as growth and success in everything I do and most importantly loving it while I’m at it, oh and more traveling.

Looking forward to: Sharing the latest travel stories from friends in the next few weeks. In another life, I would probably be a captain or pilot.

Thanking God: For everything and the far I’ve come. Every day is a beautiful beginning.

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