When you get that call for an interview, it usually comes with a lot of excitement because it’s a new experience and you have a chance to sell yourself in the best way you can. There is also the joy of putting on your best outfit and being the centre of attention for a moment.

However, the flip side is the anxiety which carries a lot of stomach butterflies. You are not sure which questions will be asked or how to answer them. The first thing to do should be to research on the organization well and identify what it is that made you apply for work there. When you are familiar with that information, the next thing is to research on the most frequently answered questions and see how best to answer them.

One thing is for sure, the interviewer always wants to know what kind of a person you are apart from your outward appearance and how you carry yourself. This then brings the question- ‘Tell us about yourself’- When asked this, you should make sure to talk about only the relevant things that they would be interested in knowing; resist the temptation of talking about your personal life. It’s a golden opportunity to convince them why the exact person who fits the job description is you. You should talk about the following:

Your communication skills

Your leadership skills

Your level of being organized 

Your best qualities

In order to be more specific, DO NOT be afraid to ask what else they would like to know about you and be ready to answer whatever they may ask. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes, and ask yourself what you’d like to know about an individual before hiring them to work for you.

It’s good to do a quick practice session in front of the mirror so that answering becomes more natural. Also when talking about yourself, in order to convince your interviewer that you’re being honest, you should keep eye contact and have minimal body movements.

It is always good to prepare for an interview beforehand so as to be ready in time and avoid the last minute rush. Also, carry out an extensive research more so being particular of the position you are applying for. Be ready for both a positive or negative outcome; whatever the decision, make sure you will have done your best so that there won’t be any regrets.

All the best in your interviews!



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