I have a simple and manageagble skin care routine everyday which has worked so well in the past few years. No magic, just consistency in some simple habits I’d like to share…But first, do you know your skin type? First step should be to take a skin test, it’s a short and simple process. There are three skin types: Dry, Combination and Oily skin, so before you jump into using a product that worked magic on someone else, you should take a skin test to determine what products would best be suited for you.

How do you use your products?

Have you ran out of your day cream and tempted to use your night cream during the day? Well, don’t. There’s a reason why a night cream was meant for the night and day cream in the morning. Also, products that are meant to be used once a week, should not be used daily. You should always use your products correctly as instructed. To keep my skin moisturized and flawless all the time, I religiously follow a skincare routine twice a day. I do so using Oriflame’s Optimals Even Out cleanser & toner, eye-cream, serum and moisturizer (day cream/night cream). The routine takes 2 minutes twice a day, as illustrated here. Each of these products play an important role that has left my skin thanking me.

TIPS:  1.Whenever you clean your face, it’s very important to use to use a separate face towel to dry your face and not your body towel.

2.Before you wear your makeup, always remember to do your skin care routine

3.Before you go to bed, wash your makeup off, otherwise you may get a break-out since the pores are blocked.

You are what you eat

Yes it’s true! Drink water and a fruit a day. This may sound so cliché but to be honest it’s such a plus. So to make it easy, I take two glasses first thing in the morning (I find these to be the most important) and it refreshes the system and gives the skin a healthy boost for the day. If you don’t like plain water, you can add a wedge of lemon or squeeze some lemon juice into your water. Take another two before lunch so that before end of the day, you’re good with just one more. A fruit could be an orange, an apple, a slice of pawpaw or whatever you want, I prefer taking a fruit on an empty stomach.

Sweat it out

Always advocate for a home cooked meal as much as possible because you are sure of all the ingredients in your food. It’s okay to eat out but maybe just once in a while. Sugary drinks and soda are avoidable; a good supplement is freshly blended juice. For exercise, I do a lot of walking and morning sit ups, the trick is to choose what works for you, and make it a habit!

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Always, Sharon.

Photgraphy: Autumn Goodman, Freestocks org.


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