Happy Black Friday! Is it just me or is it extremely hyped up on social media this year? Well, every brand wants to get noticed and would have no choice but to jump on this bandwagon. The best part is, even small small start-ups online could take part and make some money for their business. So how exactly does it benefit us when there are all these different brands splashing huge sales and discounts? Also for start-ups online, could they make good sales as well? Well we could all benefit and save some in the following ways

  1. Make some by saving some

So the best part about these sales is that each seller would try to get your attention by offering you your favourite product at a throw-away price. So just before you buy into it, search for a competitor and see how much they are offering for a similar product.  A good example is the online shopping malls, many of them sell similar items but completely different price ranges. So before you purchase your favourite product at a discount, search for it on other sites

  1. Buy limited products in bulk to sell later

Because of the crazy offers online, most of the popular products will run out of stock and people may be willing to spend up to double the amount the following day just to get them. So if you are lucky enough to grab a few pieces, keep them and you could sell later at their normal price and make your profit

  1. Collaborate with brands

This works best if you have a blog, a FB fan page or even just being a great Instagram/YouTube influencer. You could approach some brands and ask them to sponsor you by giving you some products to do giveaways on your page. How will this benefit them? They will be reaching a new audience through you. How will it benefit you? You’ll be able to get some engagement and possibly attract new people on your page or site

  1. Splash an affordable advert online ($5)

You may have an online or physical shop but you may be missing out on a huge group of people who may not know you existed unless they saw you on Facebook. For example, if you have a clothes store in town and you’d like to sell them to customers in Westlands area, create a page and put up an advert which will cost you about $5. Facebook allows you to pick your target audience in terms of age-group, location, gender and other demographics. So you could put up a huge sale this Black Friday and reach into a new and wonderful audience

Happy shopping!


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