Home deco speaks volumes about your personality, from the colours, textures and designs in general- and the living room being the reception point and where visitors indulge, has to look exquisite always! I don’t know about you but I always get a tingly excitement when my guests are impressed, not knowing the task was quite effortless and the goods pocket-friendly!

Decent interior decoration can transform your house vividly despite the size. Also, it’s affordable as you don’t have to pick out the most expensive materials. It’s all about creativity – for example, instead of buying expensive furniture, you could pick a beguiling design from a magazine, and have a good fundi put it together for you. This includes seats, TV stands and coffee tables.


Depending on the size of your house, get furniture which fits just right; don’t get a seven-seater for a very small sitting room because it will look cluttered.


When it comes to colours, less is more. You could have the seats in one colour then play around with multi-coloured cushions.

The colour of the walls in your house have a big impact on your mood- like, shades of orange or cream encourage a happy mood whereas greys and blacks give a bit of seriousness and masculinity.


The curtains in the sitting room should be a bright colour to allow maximum light to fill the room; and depending on your taste, you could have them either plain or with patterns. Light coloured curtains brighten up the room, making it look even bigger. Bright colours in general, give an illusion of space and your house looks bigger.

Rugs $ Carpets

Rugs and carpets should be a good fit for the sitting room; preferably, blend their colours with the curtains in order to give the look a good finish. Shaggy carpets are a good option as they not only feel great on the feet but bring a lot of warmth and texture to the room. You can also be adventurous and go with bold colours or chic patterns.

Coffee tables and TV stands

Coffee tables, TV stands and stools should be a matching colour and made of the same type of wood, this keeps the room stylish, organized and tidy.


Complete the sitting room with your choice of accessories from flower vases and a pretty wall clock to magazine holders and elegant lamp-shades.



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