Christmas came early after I received a lovely hamper from Nivea. It came perfectly on time since I had a small trip at the time and all the products were just perfect for my travel. I’ve used each product to discover it’s best attributes and here’s what I found:

  1. MicellAIR Skin Breathe 

MicellAIR Micellar water is the go-to product after a long day of wearing make-up or simply getting rid of sweat and dirt collected through the day. It helps remove all the dirt particles before you reach for your cleanser. 

How to use: Put a few drops of the product on damp cotton wool and gently wipe your face, you’ll see all the product coming off so easily (including lipstick). It instantly opens up your pores to remove the dirt from deep within, giving you an instant fresh feeling.

  1. Petroleum Jelly- Essence

This is not your usual Petroleum Jelly, in fact it feels like a cream since it’s enriched with glycerine. My favourite part about it is that no matter how cold the weather is, it remains easy to apply, your skin smells amazing and keeps you moisturized the whole day! Also, I love the foil packaging which keeps it fresh.

  1. Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Day Cream & Anti Wrinkle +Firming Q10 Night Cream

Wherever theres a day cream, there has to be a night cream and I feel this pair is such a match! the Even Tone day cream is light in weight and has a mattifying effect while evening out the skintone. I also love the fact that when I wear make up on top, I don’t get too oily!

The anti-wrinkle and firming Q10 night cream (as the name suggests) works on two of the most important things…says any woman over 25. It feeds the skin with nutrients through the night and your skin feels smooth and supple in the morning.

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  1. Care shower lemon grass and oil

This shower gel smells like a basket of fresh citrus fruits, I couldn’t get enough! It leaves your skin squeaky clean and at the same time doesn’t strip off the moisture after a shower! I would highly recommend it even when you travel to a really hot place as the fragrance sits on the skin for a while.

5.Cherry Blossom oil in lotion

This lotion is good for all skin types and is light and easy to apply. If you have really dry skin, it also works because as much as it’s not very thick, it’s infused with jojoba oil to keep you glowy and moisturized. The Vitamin E properties in jojoba also help in skin repair and damage control.

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6.Travel Goody bag and selfie stick

Nivea just wants to make sure that when you travel, you have a beautiful and compact toiletry bag which they have in white and navy blue and a selfie stick to capture the amazing selfie moments!

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