A super proud moment for the Value 8 Group team – and Kenya! President William Ruto officially unveiled the 5,000 services on eCitizen, which marks a milestone in the journey to digitize government services.

The founders of Value 8, a tech company whose flagship project was eCitizen, shared their story with the world. How they started with just a dream and over the years, with the support of wonderful partners, they have been able to transform digitization in Kenya, through technology. This has greatly contributed to the country moving from an analogue to a digital state.

Accessing government services in Kenya is now seamless, fast and affordable for all. Through a single point of entry, people can now access information on 5,000 services on eCitizen and make applications fast and easily.

During the launch, the team shared the story of their journey – since 2014 – through their booth setup; describing the past, present and future as below:

“1. Past: Back then, processes were manual with a lot of paperwork – physical forms, receipts, documents and cash payments. Government offices had to be accessed physically with endless queues. This resulted in delays and inefficiencies.

2. Present: Through #ecitizen , government services are now accessible fast and easily under one portal. Through technology, we have been able to streamline processes, reduce paperwork, improve efficiency and enhance accessibility to government services for citizens.

3. Future: In the next few months, we plan to launch the Digital IDs. A card accessible on the phone or just by presenting your thumb print. We look forward to a full and efficient digital identity ecosystem for Kenya.”

Congratulations to the entire @value8group team (and partners) who have tirelessly worked on this project until it is now a SUCCESS! We look forward to greater milestones!

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