It’s my birthday and I’m so grateful to see another new year!

Feeling: excited, joyful, blessed. I thank God for a beautiful journey of ups, downs, baby steps and growth. There are so many little blessings everyday that eventually build up to greatness and you know what else, I was born on a Wednesday!

Embracing: baby steps and new challenges.

Reading: leadership Secrets by Michael Heath, only a few pages in and I feel so challenged already.

Having: my cake and eating it (was that corny?) ok seriously, I’m having a yummy birthday breakfast! Speaking of food, I recently discovered the most scrumptious steak at Qaribu Inn just past Westlands- I digress but oh it was good!

Drinking: delicious spicy tea and more homemade smoothies.

Wearing: a fresh fruity fragrance with notes of pink jasmine- I love it, also more black and white outfits, go figure!

Smiling at: the memory of my 6th birthday, our sweet mum made us a lemon cake and we had the neighbourhood kids over, I wore a yellow dress, which had been saved for that special day; my sister and I always wore matchy-matchy outfits which I’m sure many of you can relate. We had cake, and danced to ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Makarena’ and played; and danced some more. I won’t go into further details because sometimes I even surprise myself with the things I remember from my childhood.

Doing: more reading than before, to grow and expand my world and hopefully live 1000 lives. Also doing some long fitness walks on random evenings.

Conquering: the world in bits; well that’s the plan.

Dreaming of: living my life to the fullest 100%, as well as growth and success in everything I do and most importantly loving it while I’m at it, oh and traveling!

Following:, love this girl, she is so inspiring. She earns a living through her travel blog full-time, which was a dream she built to perfection in a few years. Social media has helped build a career for so many people, on a recent post I shared six important points to consider for successful social media marketing, see here .

Watching: an episode of Ted Talks every night, amazing to discover that some of the most successful people in this world were exactly where you and I are at this point, and that we could all learn a little bit of something from every person. One inspiring talk was by Zain Asher, a CNN anchor she emphasized on the importance of ‘trusting your struggle’.

Loving: the weather, it’s a special sort of warm July, loving the birthday gifts too 🙂 .

Learning and discovering: so much more about myself, my habits, likes and dislikes and accepting them firmly and with no apologies.

Thankful for: wonderful family and friends of whom I love and share so much with.

 Looking forward to: the next few weeks, hoping I get to do all that’s on my list!

Wondering: if everyone else gets the pressure when asked ‘where you’d like to be in 5 years’, is there a perfect answer?

Bucket list: surfing, I love water, I don’t know how surfing passed me by, would love to try this year.

Admiring: the growth in African music and the amount of creativity put into it. Also Obama and Michelle, I’ve always loved how they are each brilliant in their own way and still manage to be so humble. 

It’s truly a wonderful time to be alive!


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