Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend money on expensive perfume only to have the scent fizzle out before the end of the day. As any perfume lover would tell you, there are some unwritten rules to ensuring perfume lasts the whole day when you wear it in the morning. To celebrate this Valentine’s we are sharing these amazing tips with you which will ensure your perfume lasts all day.

  1.  Look out for EDP (Eau de Parfum)

When shopping for perfume, there are so many options including EDP, EDT, Cologne, Splash etc. All these have different chemical composition and the one that lasts longest is EDP. This is because it has a high oil concentration which ensures the perfume stays on your skin longer.

  1.  Apply soon after a shower

Though it may seem really obvious because everyone one wants to smell fresh after a shower, the actual reason behind it is that when you apply perfume on your skin when it’s still moist, it tends to last longer before you apply anything else like lotion which may alter the scent. Also, in case you have a line of products with the same scent, it makes your scent stronger and more gripped to your skin, from shower gel, to lotion and perfume. Applying perfume on skin which is not fresh will mean that it mixes with other scents plus sweat, which completely alters the scent.

  1.  Wrists, neck and knees 

Where you apply the perfume also matters. Perfume experts explain that if it’s applied on your pulse points, it tends to last longer; this includes behind the ears, on the neck, on the wrists and behind the knees and the inner part of the elbows. This is because perfume is activated by body heat and pulse points are warmest since blood pumps near the skin’s surface


Other than what you do to ensure the fragrance stays on the whole day, there are definitely things you need to look out for and keep off so your fragrance lasts longer

  • Don’t rub

When you rub your wrists together, you are killing the molecules of the fragrance so it’s best to leave the fragrance to settle on its own

  • Don’t spray hair

You may have been advised to put some perfume on your hair brush and brush to add to your scent but this is actually not a good idea because most perfumes contain alcohol which is very damaging to the hair

  • Avoid direct sunlight 

Keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight, store them in a cool place and possibly always inside the box they came in. This is because any direct contact with sunlight may alter the chemical compositions

  • Don’t shake or drop

Being delicate as they are, it’s best to store perfumes safely where they won’t easily fall to the ground. Falling may cause formation of oxygen bubbles which once again may contaminate the perfume. Also, it isn’t necessary to shake the bottle before applying any perfume

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